Rogena Johnson, M.D.


“She is the best doctor in the entire world! What I will remember most about her is her smile. “

Leidi Cruz

“Dr. Johnson is a caring, friendly, upbeat, thorough, professional and dedicated physician. I look forward to my office visits as well as the weight management support group (which I find very helpful). She takes her time with me when I visit and listens to my concerns. I have been on the weight loss plan with Dr. Johnson for the past two years and have lost 75 lbs. I look and feel absolutely great!”

Tammy Papp

“Dr. Johnson is a doctor who listens! She asks what brings you in and makes it easy to tell her why you are really here. She has a fun personality, is easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable. She fights for what she believes in. There are too many things to put them all in words. She is amazing!”

Tiffany Maciel

“When I met Dr. Johnson she was treating my daughter. I was immediately impressed with the way she connected with her and made her feel comfortable. I love the way she practices medicine and her relationship with her patients. Her listening skills are superior. She listens and hears her patients. She also researches the latest methods of healing.”

Tami McGruder

"What I enjoy the most about Dr. Johnson is her kindness, her caring and her devotion. She is intelligent and puts constant effort into staying on the cutting edge of new medicine. What I will remember most about her is her positive attitude."

Dr. Scott Towbin

"I enjoy Dr. Johnson's personal touch. She listens to me. I appreciate her kindness and that she is always positive. She takes the time to pin point the cause of a problem instead of just prescribing a pill."

Cary A. Baker