Rogena Johnson, M.D.

Family Medical Care – Primary Care Services

  • Adult Primary Care

    All adults should have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who knows them well and can act as their partner in helping them remain healthy via annual well visits (physicals). Most also do gynecological care. Your PCP also sees you when you are sick (acute care).

  • Pediatric Primary Care

    Every child needs a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who sees them frequently until age 2 and then yearly for Well Child Exams. Dr. Johnson sees patients of all ages. It is better to take your child to a doctor who knows them when they are sick. The idea is total family care.

What Is Preventative Medicine?

Just as you take your car in for an oil change every 7,500 miles, so should you take all family members to your Primary Care Physician on a regular schedule to help maintain your health.

Dr. Johnson is firmly committed to the practice of preventative medicine. Preventative medicine is the use of widely studied and accepted methods to detect diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol (all of which lead to heart attacks and strokes), as well as cancer and other life altering/ending diseases. You will work with Dr. Johnson closely to keep up to date with all recommended testing (physical exams, lab work, x-rays, etc).

Services List

Preventative Care

1. Annual Physical Exam – physical, vital signs, lab work, x-rays depending on the individual.

2. Annual Well Woman Exam – breast exam, possible pap-smear, possible mammogram.

3. Colonoscopy – colon cancer screening for all persons 50 and over, every 5-10 yrs.

4. Bone Density – screening for osteoporosis for all women 65 and over, all men 85 and over, every 2 years, certain other special circumstances may apply.

5.Prostate Cancer Evaluation – recommendations are controversial, I recommend PSA every year starting at age 50, possible prostate exam in the office annually.

6.Immunizations – pediatric and adult immunization schedules need to be discussed with your PCP individually, many immunizations are widely available and recommended.